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[res_map address=”Yeronga QLD 4104, Australia | Greenslopes, Australia | The University of Queensland, Australia” description=” {br} Yeronga QLD 4104, Australia {br} Phone: 0040 752 235 756″ directionstext=”(directions to our address)” icon=” | |” style=”1″ scalecontrol=”no” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” locateme=”no” zoom=”13″ zoomcontrol=”no” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”no” searchbox=”no” clustering=”no” logging=”no” poi=”yes” width=”100%” height=”500px” maptype=”roadmap” popup=”no” center=”” refresh=”yes”]

[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-call” title=”Talk to us” color=”#e91e63″]Toll Free: 1224 2234 ARKITEK [dt_sc_br /] Fax: 1224 2235 225[/dt_sc_contact_info]
[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-mail” title=”Mail us @” color=”#10b6fe”] [email protected] [dt_sc_br /] [/dt_sc_contact_info]
[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-map-marker” title=”Our Location” color=”#ff5722″]625 @ David Blake Road, [dt_sc_br /] Adventureland, LA 14536, USA[/dt_sc_contact_info]

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